Warsaw Modlin Airport Guide to Mazowiecki - Warsaw Modlin Airport (WMI)

Warsaw Modlin Airport (WMI)

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Warsaw Modlin Airport is the fifth busiest airport of Poland.


Warsaw Modlin Airport registered a total flow of 2,860,874 passengers in 2016.

Terminal Information + info

Warsaw Modlin Airport has a single passenger terminal, formed by a two-storey terminal, which offers to passengers international and domestic flights from and to the airport.  The terminal is split into two levels:

- Ground level: Departures, Arrivals and check-in area.

- First floor: Customs and ground handling agents.

Facilities and Services + info

Warsaw Modlin Airport offers the following services to passengers:

- Airlines offices
- Duty free stores
- Left luggage
- Toilets
- Free Wi-Fi internet connection
- Lost & found
- Banking services
- ATMs
- Airport lounges
- Baby care rooms
- Baggage claim
- Information counters
- Customs
- Security checkpoints
- Railway ticket machines
- Currency exchange
- Vending machines
- Baby care rooms
- PRM service
- Kid’s play area
- Passport control
- Smoking allowed areas
- Meeting points

Transport + info

The following means of transport are available at Warsaw Modlin Airport to get to the city center:

Bus: There are several bus services available which can take you to Warsaw within 40 minutes. (more information)

Train: There isn’t direct connection with the railway network. There is a shuttle bus to the nearest train station. (more information)

Taxi: By taxi, you can get to Warsaw downtown within 35 minutes. (more information)

Car rental: In Warsaw Modlin Airport the car rental companies are located in the Arrivals Hall, in the ground level. If you prefer, you can book your car through our searching engine! (more information)

Contact Information

Find below several contact information regarding Warsaw Modlin Airport:

Lost & Found:
+48 22 206 95 52 | +48 785 200 506 | llwmi@lsas.aero

Generała Wiktora Thommée 1a, 05-102 
Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki

+48 22 315 18 80

About Warsaw

Warsaw, in Polish Warszawa, is the capital of Poland and its largest city. It is located in the east-central part of Poland and has 1,753,977 inhabitants, being the 9th most populated city within the European Union.

In the past, it was known as Paris of the East for its beauty until its destruction in WWII. After this event, the Warsaw Uprising, the city gained the title of Phoenix City because of its reconstruction after WWII, where over 85% of the city was destroyed. Within the city, the Warsaw ghetto upraised in 1943 due to the massacre of the Jewish population and deportation to concentration camps. It is the main seat of many national institutions; the University of Warsaw, the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra.  

While your visit in Warsaw, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit the Old Town, since it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other interesting sites to visit are the King Sigismund’s Column, the Castle Square, St. John’s.

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